Gmail now displays long labels better

Do you have long labels in Gmail? I do, because I use the ‘nested label‘ feature in Gmail.

But, previously,  long labels are not displayed very nice in Gmail (screenshot taken from the official Gmail blog):


But now things are getting better, long Gmail labels will be shortened when displaying in the conversations view in Gmail:


The Gmail team is awesome!

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Gmail Keeper can backup the strange Gmail labels

I got an email from Gmail user who’s concerned about Gmail Keeper’s ability of handling strange Gmail labels – labels that are containing irregular characters, such as /\~*, etc.

Well, the answer is YES, since I have specifically tested Gmail Keeper against such situation. If you found a Gmail label that can’t be backed up by Gmail Keeper, let me know.

This screenshot shows in the backup report window how strange labels were handled.

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New plan: Contacts and calendar backup, plus viewer for downloaded mails

Gmail Keeper – the email and label backup tool dedicated for Gmail,  recently has drawn more and more interests.

However, while this gmail backup software does the Gmail backup work quite well already,  itself hasn’t been updated for a while.

And we need a more complete local backup solution for the bunch of Google service, so here what you might be interested in, is the upcoming features for Gmail Keeper:

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