Gmail two-step verification and Gmail Keeper

Recently I got a problem report fro ma Gmail Keeper user who want to backup his email and labels with Gmail Keeper, he’s having problem to get Gmail Keeper work. After some investigation he found that that’s because he have the gmail two-step verification enabled.

So if you have the two-step verification enabled for your Gmail account, you will need to generate an ‘application-sepcfic password’ for Gmail Keeper in order to let it access your Gmail account via the IMAP protocol.

Detailed instructions by Google here.


Google calendar new feature – let others check your availability and book appointments

Google calendar now allows you to show others your available time and let them book appointments online.

How it works:

  • Basically, you’ll have to first in Google calendar create time blocks you’d be available;
  • You can then embed the ‘appointment slots’ in your website, blog, or send the link directly to your clients or friends;
  • Your clients or friends in turn can sign up and Google calendar will auto create corresponding events in both your calendar and theirs’ calendar.

More details about using this new Google Calendar feature here.

PS, as Google calendar’s new exciting features grow, you put more and more important data there, so backing up those important calendar data is becoming more and more important, and Gmail Keeper Gmail backup software is going to also support Google calendar backup in the future versions, stay turned!