Gmail Keeper (Gmail Backup Software) V1.3.9.274 is released

A new version of Gmail Keeper is now available, the latest version is and the following is a list of changes/enhancements made since the last announcement:

  1. Allow ignore big emails when backing up emails from Gmail server.
    Big emails (usually with large attachments) sometimes  cause unexpected connection error that is initiated by Gmail server, if you having problems backing up your Gmail and Gmail Keeper reports ‘Unknown 313 error’, try to take advantage of this option. See screenshot below:
  2. More reliable Gmail backup and Gmail restore operations.
    This is achieved by automatically decreasing the number of email headers to retrieve at a time when getting email headers from Gmail server in order to identify new emails to download. I guess the source of the problem is that Gmail server unexpectedly terminates a IMAP connection if a client consumes too much (how much? No one knows) bandwidth in a given time.
  3. Fixed a new bug that’s introduced in the last version: Restore will not continue if the ‘All Mail’ folder cannot be found in the target account (in case of the display languages in the source and target account is not the same)
  4. Allow continue to restore to a Gmail account  even if the display languages are different in the source and target accounts. Note: If you choose to continue restore to Gmail in this case the sent emails will not be able to put in your ‘Sent Mail’ folder.
  5. Fixed: Gmail Keeper incorrectly shows message ‘Your Gmail language is not English’ which is caused by extra email folders that are created under the ‘[Gmail]’ or ‘[Google Mail]’ folder (these folders are usually created with other Email client programs).
  6. Changed:  Remove the size information in the profile setup window, to increase the speed when fetching folders and labels from a Gmail account.
  7. The ‘Number of email headers to download each time’ in the Options window is not  saved after that window is closed.