Google calendar new feature – let others check your availability and book appointments

Google calendar now allows you to show others your available time and let them book appointments online.

How it works:

  • Basically, you’ll have to first in Google calendar create time blocks you’d be available;
  • You can then embed the ‘appointment slots’ in your website, blog, or send the link directly to your clients or friends;
  • Your clients or friends in turn can sign up and Google calendar will auto create corresponding events in both your calendar and theirs’ calendar.

More details about using this new Google Calendar feature here.

PS, as Google calendar’s new exciting features grow, you put more and more important data there, so backing up those important calendar data is becoming more and more important, and Gmail Keeper Gmail backup software is going to also support Google calendar backup in the future versions, stay turned!

New plan: Contacts and calendar backup, plus viewer for downloaded mails

Gmail Keeper – the email and label backup tool dedicated for Gmail,  recently has drawn more and more interests.

However, while this gmail backup software does the Gmail backup work quite well already,  itself hasn’t been updated for a while.

And we need a more complete local backup solution for the bunch of Google service, so here what you might be interested in, is the upcoming features for Gmail Keeper:

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Backup Google Calendar?

People want to backup their Google calendar data

From time to time, I got emails from paid/prospect customers of Gmail Keeper asking if Gmail Keeper can backup their Google calendars, but unfortunately the answer is no (currently).  For now Gmail Keeper can only reads emails from your Gmail and Google Apps accounts and save them to disk and then zip them, it does not read Google calendar data.

Will Gmail Keeper support backup Google calendar?

Answer:  It depends on  how many requests for Google calendar data backup will I still get in the future.  Or if I start using Google Calendar myself, maybe I’ll need to find a way to backup the calendar myself 😉

Another question I need to consider is that how to store and view the calendar data locally, let me know if you have any comments.

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