Email Viewer – preview video of upcoming new Gmail Keeper

By “new Gmail Keeper” I mean a completely rewritten version of this Gmail backup tool, I think you can tell by the new user interface.

The new email viewer is a simple, Gmail-Web-alike viewer for the backup data – including the Gmail labels, the email themselves and the email attachments (open with associated, external programs, eg your MS Word).

The brand new version of Gmail Keeper will also address many of the problems in the current version, for example, the 4GB zip file size limit will be gone. I’ll cover more details in the upcoming blog posts.

PS: There will be a slight price increase and the version for Google Apps will be separated and will be priced differently. So you might want to buy Gmail Keeper now and get the upgrade in your free upgrade period when this new version is out. And of course, there will be a special price for current GmailKeeper users.

BTW, the old plan for the new version of this gmail backup software was different – it was a run-locally-web-based software, and that plan had led to a new project of mine – LIVEditor (a real-time html/css/js code editor). And I changed my plan as you can see in the video. I’ll reveal more details on this in the future.

If you are impatient, here is a screenshot:

new Gmail Keeper gmail backup software

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Turn off your Anti-virus software and you Gmail backup will be speedy!

A tip for Gmail Keeper users:

When doing the backup, the current version of Gmail Keeper saves each email as an individual .eml file to a temporary disk folder, before moving them to the final .zip archive – so that means a lot of small files being created and deleted.

If you have an AV software monitoring your disk in real-time, it might significantly slow down the backup process. try temporarily disable the real-time protection option (if luckily there is a such option).

BTW, some reported strange problems, such as failing to compress the .eml files, etc, are also caused by the real-time file protection of the AV software.

PS: I’m behind my schedule of developing the new version of Gmail Keeper, sorry…


Upcoming: No more backup file size limit!

For those of you who who has a large amount of emails in your Gmail or Google Apps account, you must have fed up with the 65, 535 files or 4GB file size limit of the backup archives in the current version of Gmail Keeper.

The good news is this limit has been removed in the soon-to-be-released version of Gmail Keeper!

PS: The original development plan for Gmail Keeper has changed, I’ll explain when the new version of this Gmail and Google Apps backup software is ready.

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