Now you can store more contacts in Gmail!

Bigger Gmail contacts storage announced

According to the latest Gmail blog post, now you can:

  • Store much more contact items in your Gmail account (from 10K to 25K);
  • Add more notes or custom fields to each contact item.

Well, I myself don’t need that much space for storing my contacts data, but some of you probably need it anyway.

Screenshots below.

gmail contacts now stores upto 25K records!

PS, the future versions of Gmail Keeper will be an all in one backup tool for your Gmail account, Gmail contacts included.


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Speed up Gmail sending with the “Background send” lab

I want every operations fast when I’m using my computer, especially those day-to-day operations, for example, sending emails.

Sending emails in Gmail can be faster

Gmail is already quite fast, but it can be faster – when you click the Send button you’ll have to wait for a little while (half of second to seconds depending on your Internet speed), so that the email can be sent out.

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Gmail now displays long labels better

Do you have long labels in Gmail? I do, because I use the ‘nested label‘ feature in Gmail.

But, previously,  long labels are not displayed very nice in Gmail (screenshot taken from the official Gmail blog):


But now things are getting better, long Gmail labels will be shortened when displaying in the conversations view in Gmail:


The Gmail team is awesome!

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