Speed up Gmail sending with the “Background send” lab

I want every operations fast when I’m using my computer, especially those day-to-day operations, for example, sending emails.

Sending emails in Gmail can be faster

Gmail is already quite fast, but it can be faster – when you click the Send button you’ll have to wait for a little while (half of second to seconds depending on your Internet speed), so that the email can be sent out.

The new ‘Background Send’ Gmail lab

The good news is, a new lab called ‘Background Send‘ eliminates the wait and making sending emails with Gmail even faster.

How the ‘Background Send’ lab works?

When you click the Send button Gmail doesn’t send the email immediately, but instead, it put it to a queue and let’s you immediately jump to your next actions, and Gmail will be taking care of sending the queued emails in the background.


Google warns you – Don’t log out Gmail before all queued emails are sent!

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