Upcoming: No more backup file size limit!

For those of you who who has a large amount of emails in your Gmail or Google Apps account, you must have fed up with the 65, 535 files or 4GB file size limit of the backup archives in the current version of Gmail Keeper.

The good news is this limit has been removed in the soon-to-be-released version of Gmail Keeper!

PS: The original development plan for Gmail Keeper has changed, I’ll explain when the new version of this Gmail and Google Apps backup software is ready.


Gmail Keeper doesn’t change the ‘read’ flag of your emails in Gmail

Many people sends in emails asking if Gmail Keeper would change the ‘unread’ status of the emails in Gmail, and the answer is:

Gmail Keeper does not change the ‘read/unread’ flag of the emails in your Gmail/Goolge Apps account.

As a email backup software dedicated for Gmail, that’s been taken into account, though it’s a problem with the earlier versions.

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Gmail two-step verification and Gmail Keeper

Recently I got a problem report fro ma Gmail Keeper user who want to backup his email and labels with Gmail Keeper, he’s having problem to get Gmail Keeper work. After some investigation he found that that’s because he have the gmail two-step verification enabled.

So if you have the two-step verification enabled for your Gmail account, you will need to generate an ‘application-sepcfic password’ for Gmail Keeper in order to let it access your Gmail account via the IMAP protocol.

Detailed instructions by Google here.

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