New plan: Contacts and calendar backup, plus viewer for downloaded mails

Gmail Keeper – the email and label backup tool dedicated for Gmail,  recently has drawn more and more interests.

However, while this gmail backup software does the Gmail backup work quite well already,  itself hasn’t been updated for a while.

And we need a more complete local backup solution for the bunch of Google service, so here what you might be interested in, is the upcoming features for Gmail Keeper:

The new development plan for Gmail Keeper

  • View and search downloaded emails.
    Currently, the downloaded emails are stored as eml files being compressed in the zip archives, so you’ll need a EML file viewer to read them, and you’ll need an archiver program to read the zip files. 

    Why not include a viewer like the Gmail web for viewing and searching the downloaded emails and labels? All after all, Gmail’s tag-based interface is what we are familiar with and in favor of.

  • Backup Google calendar and contacts.
    Most of the time, our Gmail contacts, as well as calendars, are as important as our emails, why shouldn’t Gmail Keeper also backup these data?!

Stay turned, and Gmail Keeper will become:

Your all-in-one universal cloud data backup tool for Windows!

And you might want to subscribe the software newsletter to get informed.

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  1. paul morgan says:

    How am I just discovering labels in Gmail?

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    With Microsoft Outlook, it’s easy to export your email messages, contacts, calendar and more.


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