New plan: Contacts and calendar backup, plus viewer for downloaded mails

Gmail Keeper – the email and label backup tool dedicated for Gmail,  recently has drawn more and more interests.

However, while this gmail backup software does the Gmail backup work quite well already,  itself hasn’t been updated for a while.

And we need a more complete local backup solution for the bunch of Google service, so here what you might be interested in, is the upcoming features for Gmail Keeper:

The new development plan for Gmail Keeper

  • View and search downloaded emails.
    Currently, the downloaded emails are stored as eml files being compressed in the zip archives, so you’ll need a EML file viewer to read them, and you’ll need an archiver program to read the zip files. 

    Why not include a viewer like the Gmail web for viewing and searching the downloaded emails and labels? All after all, Gmail’s tag-based interface is what we are familiar with and in favor of.

  • Backup Google calendar and contacts.
    Most of the time, our Gmail contacts, as well as calendars, are as important as our emails, why shouldn’t Gmail Keeper also backup these data?!

Stay turned, and Gmail Keeper will become:

Your all-in-one universal cloud data backup tool for Windows!

And you might want to subscribe the software newsletter to get informed.

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  1. John says:

    As soon as you can backup Calendar and Contacts…. you have a new customer!

  2. Bryan says:

    I would gladly pay for these new features in Gmail Keeper.

  3. Charles Small says:

    As an attorney I must have a backup for my calendar. In the old days, if I lost my palm pilot or palm treo, no big deal, because I had backup on my desktop computer. Now, with syncing to google calendar, what happens when the finder resets my iphone –I assume all data in the cloud disappears. Help!

  4. Edwin says:

    Hi Charles,

    Thanks for your input. I guess your assumption is correct because most mobile phones uses two-way syncs.

    PS, I’ve just adopted an Android phone – a Sumsung Galaxy S, you can assume backing up Google contacts and calendars are more important to myself 😉

  5. David Powelstock says:

    Edwin: I’ve just been trying out Gmail Keeper. It’s great. I can’t wait for the new features, especially the viewer feature. BTW, I was excited to see your name associated with this app, as I was a fairly active beta tester for Writing Outliner–another great product! –David (aka critStock)

  6. Edwin says:

    Hey David,

    Thanks! Of course I know you and good to see you are here in my blog for Gmail Keeper!

  7. Ernst-Emil says:

    I have version

    It look like there is a version 1.3.9, but where can I download the latest version?
    It would be great to have an auto update funktion in the program.

    Are we going to pay for updates og only upgrades.

    Is there a deadline for the major update that is announced.

    Great software.

    Have a great day

  8. Edwin says:


    Sorry for any confusion, but the current latest version of Gmail Keeper is v1.3.18.302 and you’ll get informed about the new versions if you subscribe to the Gmail Keeper newsletter at

  9. Yes, I’d definitely upgrade when the ability to backup contacts and calendar come alone. I’m about to try swapping emails/labels from a Google Apps account into Gmail account, fingers crossed.

  10. kocurek says:

    I’m also can’t wait for this new version. The update was announced on 12th March, so it’s almost half a year now…. I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy this new version with bacup of contacts and calendar. How long do we have to wait yet?

  11. Edwin says:

    @kocurek, it’ still take some time, but need not to say, it’ll be out not too long.

  12. Ilan says:

    Great work!

    If I may, I would suggest giving priority to the calendar and contacts backup in a first release which could save all of us from a disaster. And from what I see in these posts, that’s the main concern.

    Afterwards, we could all appreciate a next release with the extra features for viewing and searching which are a very cool idea.


  13. Edwin says:

    @Ilan, yes, I now believe that backing up contacts and calendar is a higher priority.

  14. Steme says:

    For me the backup of contacts and calendar is very important. Hope it comes quick:)

    One question, whats about a scheduled backup? When an email is deleted in Google, so the Gmail Keeper will also remove this email from zip?

    best regards

  15. zzzp says:

    When the new version with database will be avalaible?

  16. Edwin says:

    @zzzp, I’ll show how the new software looks and ask for advice.

  17. Vadim says:

    Is this new version already available?

  18. Edwin says:


    Not yet. The new version will be complete redesigned and rewritten base on the great deal of feedbacks given by the Gmail Keeper users during the past years.

  19. Stephen says:

    Is there an ETA on the new version? I just learned about Gmail Keeper and would like to buy ASAP.

  20. Edwin says:


    The complete new version ( or say the successor product of Gmail Keeper) is under develop now.

  21. zzzp says:

    I also need it ASAP. I needed it few months ago.
    When will be avalailble new version??

  22. kocurek says:

    Please, release some beta version for testing for the public. It’s a long time since the new version was first time announced – precisely it was March 12th 2011… How long do we have to wait yet?

  23. Edwin says:


    Sorry but the successor product is still under working. During the development I decided to make a tool to help the development of it, so it’ll take some time, but the good news is that’ll help much at the end.

  24. The company I work for, Chaparral Labs, uses Gmail as our e-mail host. We have thousands of emails stored and are going to give Gmail keeper a try as far as backing them up for us. The ability to backup our contacts and calendars would be an amazing plus.

  25. zzzp says:

    heeey, please, share new version… 🙂

  26. Still waiting. We purchased this last year when we switched to Google Apps for our company and our clients, but the 4GB file limit is too small and our scheduled weekly backup does not backup. I have to manually log into the server computer (windows 7 pro) and run the backup. Help!!!!

  27. Savrik says:

    I have a feeling that Edvin has lost interest to the program. No replies to letters. Version of the program is at least a year – … Sorry but it’s a good idea does not develop, and the creator is constantly promising to update, only makes money on the old version, which is not relevant today. It is a pity.

  28. Edwin says:


    It’s not true. I’ll be posting a screenshot of the succeed product of Gmail Keeper 🙂

  29. Yosh says:

    Edwin. Very glad to see a sign of life from you in your Feb 22 posting here. I am also anxiously awaiting the new product – and at least the screenshots..

    When will you announce the migration policy to the successor product of Gmail Keeper? If I buy today, will I get a free upgrade? Should I wait a few weeks more to buy the new version?

    Please let me and the rest of us know.


  30. Yosh says:

    Edwin – Just saw that you’ve already created a skeleton site for the new product at – I’ll be checking in to see how it develops and am looking forward to beta-testing the new software.


  31. Yosh says:

    It’s a month later – what’s new? Any progress? Or have you stopped development on this and the successor product?

  32. I can see that the original post date was MARCH 12TH 2011 — we are august 2012 now !! Any progress ??
    I am a paying user and would very much like this functionality.

  33. Yosh says:

    Johan – unfortunately I haven’t seen any sign of life from Edwin since February 2012 (six months ago) – I fear the worst … 🙁

  34. Edwin says:


    Really sorry for the delay, the development of the new version was not as quickly as I originally planned, but if you check the following link, you’ll know why:

    I hope in months I’ll let you know how the new version of the software look like.

  35. Jeroen says:

    I’m also waiting on a new version. I’m quite surprised Gmail does not offer an option to transfer all your emails to a new account (without loosing the lables).
    I _think_ the current version of Gmail keeper can do this already, but I am not sure. Don’t forget to give a discount to those who have already bought Gmail keeper lol.

  36. Yosh says:

    Another 9 months has gone by… what’s up Edwin?

    Has this become an orphan product?

    • Edwin says:

      @Yosh, sorry for the delay, but Gmail Keeper will not be an orphan product. It’s just the related product is occupying plenty of my time…

      • Yosh says:

        @Edwin – so glad to hear from you. I hope that you are well and the life is good for you. I am also glad that it will not be an orphan, but it does seem like a “neglected child”. GmailKeeper hasn’t been updated in nearly two years. I bought a paid license to support your work and in anticipation of a new release – 9 months ago you wrote “I hope in months I’ll let you know how the new version of the software look like.”. But since then (until today), silence. And when I ran into problems I sent you emails asking for support or reporting what looked like bugs – and had no reply. Perhaps you did not get them?

        I am very happy to hear from you and to hear that you are busy. I hope you will find or make the time soon to nurture GmailKeeper and all of your loyal customers. As Bob wrote – let us know how we can help!

  37. Bob says:

    Still waiting after all these years. in Oct 2011 I confirmed these would be available soon before buying and then setup a customer with this and now their emails cannot be backed up in a single file as it has too many emails and is too big.

    Is there anything we can do to help. I am trying not to be too annoyed as I would like a solution rather than rant on about being frustrated… but it’s hard after nearly two years of waiting. I was excited to see the AV post in March 2013

    If you are looking for beta testers I have several accounts waiting to use this and would be happy to assist it QC

    Thanks and keep up the fight!!!

  38. Jacek says:

    Is there any reason to wait? Any news? Personally, I’ve lost hope for this…

  39. Yosh says:

    What’s up Edwin? I thought you were going to release a new version of GmailKeeper. But nothing has happened. OTOH, I see that your website OwnMyCopy is now advertising a downloadable product. Is that the new GmailKeeper? Or have you abandoned GmailKeeper and all of us paid customers to start a new product line? Is there a migration path? Will it be a free move for those of us who bought so very long ago on your promises of a free, soon-to-be-released upgrade?

    Please advise.

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