Smart Labels – new auto-email-categorizing feature for Gmail

Gmail Labels just added a new optional feature to Gmail (Google Apps included) called Smart Labels.

Once this new ‘lab’ is turned on, three labels will be automatically added to your Gmail account:

  1. Bulk
  2. Notifications
  3. Forums.

And Gmail to intellectually check each email and apply these labels, base on the source. for example:

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The cloud is not 100% percent safe, backup is a must.

The recent Gmail data loss

As many of your might already know that, recently Gmail server had a problem that affected approximately 150,000 Gmail users.

They lost all their emails in Gmail. Google is working on the data restore, but so far over 5 days already now, Gmail is still not back for everyone.

Google might will be able to restore all the emails for everyone in the end, but it’s stillĀ horrific, isn’t it?


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