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Gmail Keeper is an easy to use email backup tool solely designed for backing up Gmail and Google Apps emails to local computer (hard disk, USB stick, etc).


What you can do with Gmail Keeper?


  1. Backup your emails and labels from Gmail or Google Apps accounts to local computer.


  2. Restore your emails from local hard disk to Gmail or Google Apps account, without losing the labels.


  3. Migrate emails between any Gmail or Google Apps email accounts.



Why Gmail Keeper?


  • Make your life safer

    No backup is dangerous, while chances are low, you might lose your important emails because of forgetting password, being hacked, and so on.


  • Save your time

    You can automate your backup jobs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, basically once you setting up a backup profile in Gmail Keeper you can forgot about it, it takes care of the rest. See Gmail backup automation


  • No vender lock-in

    Your backup data is stored in open file formats, so it can be opened by almost all other email client programs, including Outlook, Thunder bird, etc. Details on the backup archive.



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Download Gmail Keeper Buy Gmail Keeper
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