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Backup data description

For each profile Gmail Keeper stores the backup data into two files

  1. A database file, for internal use only.

  2. A standard zip file, includes the complete email data, each of which is a standard EML file that can be opened with other email clients such as Office Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunder Bird, etc.


The advantage of storing the data in zip file - open file format, is that there is no vendor lock-in, your data will be always your data, no matter what happens at our side.


The following describes how the zip archive is structured.


  1. EML files are grouped by month then by Inbox/Sent subfolders

  2. Gmail Labels = File comments (good viewed with 7-Zip)

  3. Email dates = File modified dates

  4. From/To/Subject = EML file names

  5. Backup summary = Zip comment

  6. Backup history = file Backup_History.txt


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